Video Games Don’t Rot Your Brain!

When I was a wee little one, I begged and begged my parents to let me have a play station or an Xbox or any sort of video games. I would play them at my friends houses and found them to be so much fun. Much to my dismay, my parents said no and didn’t get me one. They said that video games would rot my brain and I would be obsessed with them. All they were was a waste of time. A couple years later, I put my name into a drawing and won a Wii!  What could they do about it now? Absolutely nothing!

“Those addictive video games that keep players glued to the screen may actually do the brain some good.” An article on Mashable explains that video games really aren’t all that bad!  ” A new study from the journal Molecular Psychiatry digs into the effect of video game play on the volume of the brain’s gray matter — the tissue responsible for muscle control, memory, language and sensory perception.” The article goes on to explain a lot of things about the brain that I don’t really understand due to big words and biological terms. The point is though, that when parents say video games rot your brains, they are wrong!

Show them this article!


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  1. As a gamer, this article is a bit relieving to me, despite the fact that I never believed that games rot your brain in the first place. Sure they can get addicting, but as long as you use them sparingly, there’s nothing wrong.

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