YouTube Confession

22 year old Matthew Cordle was driving under the influence of alcohol and was involved in a fatal car crash. He was driving the wrong way on a highway in Ohio and hit a 61 yea old man who was pronounced dead at the scene. Instead of running away from his mistake, he accepted it and pleaded guilty in the courtroom. “Whatever my sentence may be, there’s no such thing is a fair sentence when it comes to taking a life,” Cordle said.

“Matthew Cordle contacted the website Because I Said I Would on Aug. 9 to arrange his confession regarding the June 22 crash, according to a post on the site. Because I Said I Would encourages people to make promise cards to “remember the importance of your commitments and goals.” In his confession, Matthew begs and begs with all his heart that people  refrain from drinking and driving. He said he was going to serve his time because he knew he deserved it.

The Internet may be frustrating or stupid at times. But it also provides us with inspirational and educational things that can certainly help us in the long run.


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