Online Dating

My parents met each other when they were in their twenties. My mom worked in one store, and my dad in another that was close by. They would stop in to see each other and talk. Then he asked her out and they went to the movies. A couple months later they were engaged and a couple months after that they were married. A couple years after that, I arrived.

Back when my grandparents and parents met each other, everything happened either face to face, by letter or through a phone call. Some say it is the “traditional” way of dating and having a relationship.  Times have changed and now meeting people online has become a great way of getting to know someone.

“According to a recent study conducted by, almost one-third of singles have dated someone they met online. About 20% of those surveyed said they met their most recent first date online, while only 7% said they met at a bar.” Online dating has become more frequent and more acceptable over the years. Sites like or aren’t the only sources of this activity. Social media sites like Facebook and Twitter and other communities are resources too. “People today are finding love online through social media interactions that lead to something much more.”

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About Noel Biever

My name is Noel Elaine Biever, and I'm from Lebanon, Pennsylvania. I hate living in the small town and I am ready to branch out. I love to travel. I've been to 11 countries in Europe and I can' t wait to go on another adventure. I hope to one day live and work in Europe, raise a big family, and speak a lot of languages fluently. Singing and acting are two things I absolutely love to do, as well as playing the guitar. I am a big fan of movies, and I am addicted to the $5 movie bin at Walmart. Saturday Night Live and The Big Bang Theory are two of my favorite shows, and I abolutely adore HGTV. I love the little things in life and I believe that everything happens for a reason. So that's me in a paragraph. Thanks for stoppin by:)

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  1. I always like to hear how people met–and online dating (or simply meeting people online and then developing relationships with them) only adds to the variety of stories that are out there. Neat topic!

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