Internet is the New Television

With Internet available, it is so easy to go to the search engine and find seemingly endless results. Videos, music and other media that broadcasts on television can easily be viewed on Youtube, Hulu and other sites. In fact, the TV has become less of a necessity in some cases.

According to a study done by the New York Times, 34% of the millennial generation watch online videos or no broadcast TV at all.  Video hosting sites are where most videos are watched, followed by Social Media, TV sites, News and Sports.  The number one topic that is viewed is funny video clips. Movie trailers, music videos, news, TV shows, instructional videos, sports and weather are some other reasons Internet users tune in online.

New televisions with higher definition are being released, but who is going to watch them since the Internet is the new television? The baby boomer and Gen X generations have that covered. It makes me wonder, when the millennial are an older generation, will televisions even be in use anymore?


About Noel Biever

My name is Noel Elaine Biever, and I'm from Lebanon, Pennsylvania. I hate living in the small town and I am ready to branch out. I love to travel. I've been to 11 countries in Europe and I can' t wait to go on another adventure. I hope to one day live and work in Europe, raise a big family, and speak a lot of languages fluently. Singing and acting are two things I absolutely love to do, as well as playing the guitar. I am a big fan of movies, and I am addicted to the $5 movie bin at Walmart. Saturday Night Live and The Big Bang Theory are two of my favorite shows, and I abolutely adore HGTV. I love the little things in life and I believe that everything happens for a reason. So that's me in a paragraph. Thanks for stoppin by:)

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