Heat Activated Flashlight

Picture this: a storm has brewed. Lightening strikes an thunder crackles. In one split second, the power in your house shuts off. You make your way through the dark, feeling your way to the drawer you keep your flashlight in. You find it and flip the switch, just to realize that the batteries are dead. Now what?

“Ann Makosinski, a 15-year-old high school student from Victoria, British Columbia, designed a flashlight that’s powered entirely by body heat — specifically, heat produced from the palms of your hands.” This ” hollow flashlight” is designed to stay lit for u to twenty minutes once it senses heat. The money you spend on batteries could be saved, and getting stuck in the dark would not be a problem anymore. it is also very easy to use. ” [the flashlight] is made up of Peltier tiles. Basically, there are lots of different pairs of these two similar metals sandwiched in between two ceramic plates, and I use four of them. The warmest part of the hand is the palm area, which is where I decided to focus. It’s that easy: You just put your palm on the tiles and it lights up.”

Ann is scheduled to appear at the Google Science Fair with her flashlight, along with fourteen other young inventors.



About Noel Biever

My name is Noel Elaine Biever, and I'm from Lebanon, Pennsylvania. I hate living in the small town and I am ready to branch out. I love to travel. I've been to 11 countries in Europe and I can' t wait to go on another adventure. I hope to one day live and work in Europe, raise a big family, and speak a lot of languages fluently. Singing and acting are two things I absolutely love to do, as well as playing the guitar. I am a big fan of movies, and I am addicted to the $5 movie bin at Walmart. Saturday Night Live and The Big Bang Theory are two of my favorite shows, and I abolutely adore HGTV. I love the little things in life and I believe that everything happens for a reason. So that's me in a paragraph. Thanks for stoppin by:)

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