Sony Redefines ‘Camera’ With New ‘Lens-Type’ Cam

I remember when I received my first camera. It was a silver Kodak klunker that didn’t break even if you dropped it down the stairs a few times. The screen was small and it wasn’t touch screen. A couple years later, I bought a new camera that had the biggest screen I had ever seen, was touch screen, and was thin so it could fit in my pocket. And soon after that one, a new Nikon had been developed that let you upload pictures right away to the Internet. I wanted it so bad but unfortunately  my bank account was suffering. When it comes to cameras, companies are always looking for new ways to improve because people will never stop taking pictures.

Sony has recently “redefined” the camera to appeal to all cell phone users. I know i can speak for a few others when I say that I use my phone to take almost all of my pictures. It is portable, always with me, and always readily available. Instagram is just a click away. A few filters later, and it is posted. Sony has recognized this, and has created a ‘Lens-type’ Camera. ” The company’s two new cameras look like lenses, but are, in fact, full-blown digital cameras. You attach them to your phone only when you need an external viewfinder or if you want to instantly share your images.”

Say you wanted just a camera and not attach it. Well, you can do that too. It can be detached easily and can act just like the usual camera would. The article gives an example by saying, “you can hold the lens above a crowd, or slip it into a literal hole in the wall to get the perfect shot, all without the bulk of a traditional camera body.”

Whether you have an Android or an Iphone, the lens can work for your phone. They will be available later this year and are priced reasonably well. The “Quality model will be for sale at $499 each and $249 for the high zoom model. A whole new level of cameras has come into the picture, and Sony will be benefiting from this new fad quite nicely.



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